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Ruoyu Liu    刘若愚


DOB:  2/11/1993


Phone:  +86 18811711793




  • 2015- College of Life Science,Peking University

PhD candidate in Xie lab

  • 2011-2015,College of Life Science,Wuhan University.


Academic Experience

  • 7/2012,Summer vacation of the first school year,leader of a team for Field Practice in Shennongjia Forestry District,

  • 2013-2014,team member of a college science and technology innovation project,The screening of high efficiency of phosphorus bacteria and its biological characteristics research.The project was supervised by Professor Zhixiong Xie

  • Participated in the first college students of science and technology competition of resource sharing and service innovation practice with the work of Polar Bacteria Physiological and Biochemical Test.

  • Did experiment abortion in arabidopsis thaliana as an assistant of doctoral student in Laboratory of Plant Developmental Biology supervised by Professor Mengxiang Sun.

  • 7/2014, participated in PTN and received admission qualification.

  • 11/2014—5/2015, thesis research in Xi lab in nibs.

  • 8/2015—1/2016, rotation in Shao lab and Wei lab

  • 2/2016——now,PhD candidate in Xie lab, researching MagR. Cooperating with Haodong Chen’ lab and researching Arabidopsis and MagR.



  • 2011-2012,member of Youth Volunteer Association of Life Science College.

  • 2012, member of student union.

  • 7/2013,vice-captain of Summer practice team to  Xishuangbanna Yunnan Province with a project economic effect of rubber plantation.

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