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As we've got some encouraging results through the past few years, we are look for extraordinary young talents with passion in research and share research interest with us to join our team.

​A successful candidate must be creative, demonstrate an “out-of-the-box thinking” attitude, and possess strong problem-solving skills. Excellent communication skills are essential, as part of the collaborative team led by both biologists and physicists thus contact with scientists from different disciplines is quite often.

Research experience in protein purification, structural biology or expertise in physics would be a plus, but not mandatory.


We welcome candidates with Ph.D degree in Biology, or Biochemistry, or Biophysics, or related fields. Interested candidates please send a cover letter, a CV, with three recommendation letters to Dr. Can Xie ( for any additional information.


Extraordinary college graduates are always welcomed. Interested candidates could get involved through Graduate School Summer Camp in Peking University. For candidates who are already in PTN Program and interested in a rotation, please contact Dr. Can Xie ( directly.


We are currently looking for some outstanding undergraduates with interest in our work. We hope to provide you the trainings that really help you in your research career. If you are determined to stick to a research project in our lab during undergraduate years, please talk about your idea and/or passion to Dr. Can Xie (

Feel free to contact us for more information and to submit your application.

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